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SHS France gives you access to a team of consultants specialized in distribution and logistics, manufacturing, finance, management, asset management and planning. Our technical consultants are experts in SharePoint, SQL/Server, DotNet, Silverlight, WCF and WPF.

Our experienced management solution development and implementation team helps make SHS FRANCE a preferred partner for:

  • Reviewing and understanding a company’s issues, objectives and needs;
  • Defining and recommending concrete, high-level solutions;
  • Carrying out functional and technical analyses;
  • Performing tests and producing prototypes for solutions aimed at minimizing risks;
  • Production;
  • Transferring knowledge to help make employees autonomous;
  • Providing support to employees during the implementation of infrastructure and software.

Our professionals are known for their extensive expertise and capacity to quickly adapt to each company’s specificities in order to offer incomparable services.


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