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SHS France, a subsidiary of NOVIPRO in Canada, was founded in 2007. NOVIPRO specializes in information technology and IT infrastructure. Its 100 skilled professionals possess high-level expertise and their mission is to provide guidance to medium- and large-sized corporations for the execution of their IT projects. Thanks to its extensive experience, NOVIPRO has developed solutions that are adapted to client needs and requirements, enabling its clients to achieve their business objectives.

In 2015, NOVIPRO invested nearly $1 million to create a new division, E-SPACE, that provides various Cloud-based solutions out of its offices in Montreal, Quebec City and Boucherville. Significant investments were made to develop strong bid data and analysis expertise.

E-SPACE offers personalized configuration services for technological infrastructure, software and data backup. Its managed services proposal has been developed to guide companies requiring specialized support for the management of multiple environments, through accessible means as well as remotely, thanks to an entirely customizable concept.

SHS France benefits from NOVIPRO and E-SPACE’s state-of-the-art technological expertise, as well as from the advantages procured by a recognized team.




Thanks to our partners

We select our business partners for their global leadership in technology, networks and service. At SHS, we place a great deal of importance on the complementarity of the products and services we offer. We work closely with our partners to offer efficient, upgradeable technological solutions that respond to the needs and criteria of our clients.


Infor is one of the world’s leading software solutions and services provider. They help over 73,000 clients in 164 countries to optimize their activities and further their development. Infor offers a wide array of corporate management applications, whose quality is recognized in manufacturing, purchase management, distribution, human resources and client relationship management. Infor’s clients can be confident that they are receiving the best technological solutions.

Infor comprises the largest worldwide network of specialized partners in manufacturing and distribution, including NOVIPRO and SHS France.

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Microsoft is a world leader in providing IT solutions. Microsoft’s software help companies to reach their full potential, no matter what it is. Adapted to day-to-day life, whether it be for work or for pleasure, these technologies have the capacity to expand, giving millions of Microsoft partners and clients limitless possibilities when it comes to innovation.



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